A call to prayer and action on the housing crisis

A call to prayer and action on the housing crisis

The election is fast approaching and housing will be the key issue. We all know the stories. Friends who can’t afford a home or struggle to pay their rent. Families forced to pay for a motel or sleep in their car because of the lack of social housing. Children getting sick because their home is too damp and cold.

What is the role of Christians in a housing crisis?

This election year, Bishop Justin will call the Diocese to join a period of prayer, reflection and action. As church members – homeowners, renters, landlords, communities and voters – we will consider the part we can each play, and listen to God’s call.

Over the month of August we will use reflection resources and videos of other Christians’ creative responses to open our hearts and lives to personally respond to this crisis. The resources can be used in church services – just set aside about 10 minutes to watch a video and reflect – or you can use them in small group settings. You can also share this flyer attached with key leaders.

The recommended launch date is 30 July, allowing reflection over four weeks. If you are in Wellington, come to the Housing Election Forum on Wed 9 August. Then on 27 August, as part of a national week of action on housing, join with other churches to hold services of lament for New Zealanders living without stable or adequate housing. Commit to your own personal or collective response, and get started.

As we listen to God’s call to his people, we are excited about the hospitality, creativity and compassion that may follow.

To sign up for resources and video links, contact Kate Day: kate@wn.ang.org.nz or 022 315 6499.