Celtic Christianity pilgrimage coming in 2018

A pilgrimage to significant Celtic Christian sites is to be held in 2018, and will be led by Rev John Hornblow and Dr Jenny Boyack, who will be accompanied by Archbishop Sir David Moxon.

The pilgrimage will be about engaging with a place, its people and their stories, and is part of our heritage as Christians.  Pilgrimage provides an opportunity to pause, reflect and ask questions, with times for prayer and worship.

The Celtic Christianity Pilgrimage will explore significant Celtic Christian sites in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, including the islands of Iona and Lindisfarne, and will take place from the 12th of April until the 1st of May 2018.  Accommodation will be in retreat centres, monasteries, nunneries and modern hotels.

For further information, please visit www.pilgrimagenz.nz or to register your interest, email John and Jenny on hornblow@ihug.co.nz or phone  06 358 7824 or 021 437 566.