Anglican funder puts generosity in motion

Anglican funder puts generosity in motion

The Free Store is a grassroots non-profit based in the Wellington CBD that daily redistributes quality surplus food from 65 local eateries to those in need, for free.  It serves people from all walks of life including the homeless, unemployed, students, refugee and immigrant families, the elderly and the sick. Every day volunteers collect food on foot with the use of shopping trolleys.  Now, shopping trolleys can be great means of cartage, but the smooth linoleum of supermarket floors are nothing compared to the harsh realities of inner city pavements.  The Free Store needed some help….

Enter the Social Services and Community Development Board, an Anglican funding board set up by the Diocese some years ago to assist churches and community groups for innovative projects and programmes.  With funding from the Board, The Free Store was able to work with a local industrial design company to create a purpose-built trolley.

The trolleys were retrofitted with hefty waterproof canvas wraps, inflatable tyres for noise reduction and easier pushing, adjustable shelving for the interior and ash wood handles for a touch of class.

“We are thrilled! Our volunteers can now be proud as punch to push these beauties around the city each day,” says Zeal’s Wellington Regional Manager, Jenna Harris.

The Free Store also redistributes quality winter clothing to the homeless, and operates an annual pop up clothing store called The Street Store, next door to St Peter’s on Willis Street, Wellington.

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