Update from Small Working Group on “A Way Forward” Structures

Please find below an update from the Primates’ Small Working Group on A Way Forward Structures. Please continue to hold this vital process in your prayers.

The Primates Small Working Group on A Way Forward Structures met again in Auckland following Easter.

At this meeting we:

  • Further engaged with selected submitters to clarify aspects of their proposals.
  • Progressed our consultation with identified interested parties.
  • Reviewed in greater detail a number of structural options, including options that affirm the importance of the role of the Episcopal Unit in decision making.
  • Considered again our mandate “to consider possible structural arrangements within our Three-Tikanga Church to safeguard both theological convictions concerning the blessing of same gender relationships” .
  • Received feedback from a discussion of possible options with the House of Bishops.
  • Began to draft the shape and content of our report to the Primates, due on 1 July.
  • Planned for a consultation with the Synod of the Diocese of Polynesia in early May, and
  • Remained positive about the work we are undertaking.
  • The SWG remain very grateful for the many people who are praying for the work of our group.

We will meet again in May to advance our work.

You can find all updates from the Small Working Group on the Anglican Church’s provincial website.