Naenae building project

Naenae building project

Question: “What’s been going on in Naenae? It’s a bit unusual to see a new house being built on a high profile corner section. And it’s gone up rather quickly. Who on earth would invest in a new build in a suburb like Naenae?”

Answer: “St David’s Church community. And actually, it’s not one house – but two units (a one and a two bedroom) under the same roof.”

Question: “So why would a church embark on such a venture?”

Answer: “There are several reasons really:naenae building foundation

  • We wanted to increase accommodation options for people we are seeking to help and are involved in the St David’s community.
  • We were also concerned to better steward the acre of land our church facilities sit on, as well as providing a source of future income.
  • Plus, we viewed this as an opportunity for part-time work for some of the men in our faith community who have been released from prison.”

Question: “How did you do it?”

Answer: “Not sure really. It’s a venture that developed its own momentum. However, it was initiated by a Vestry with a bit of vision and prayer, some careful planning, and lots of volunteer effort. All aided by a wonderful local builder, plus a very supportive bishop and diocesan officers. Thanks to God for his provision.”