Book launch: Pilgrim to Unholy Places

Pilgrim to Unholy Places: Christians and Jews re-visit the Holocaust by Raymond Pelly

In pilgrimages to death (& other) camps of Hitler’s Reich, the author faced many questions. How can Christians and Jews understand ‘the silence of God’?  Would Jews who showed heroic ability to care for others in Auschwitz (and elsewhere) have recognized the Jewish victim Christ of Golgotha, and he them? Is a shared ethic/Torah possible, where the strong care for the weak, not exploit or eliminate them? Rabbi Professor Simon Lauer, Zurich, has contributed a foreword, the book to be launched by Professor Paul Morris.


  • 4pm – 6pm, Thursday 11th of May
  • Venue: Room 101, Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Parade, Wellington
  • To begin: a seminar entitles “Agency in Auschwitz?” led by Raymond Pelly, followed by launch at 5:15pm.