College of Preachers welcomes new Dean

College of Preachers welcomes new Dean

The Rev Dr Joe McGarry has been appointed as the new Dean of the College of Preachers, taking over from Rev Michael Brantley.

“Joe is very passionate about the apostolic role of the College, and the missional cultural tool that it is for the Diocese,” says Michael.  “He loves preaching, even more than me!  And he’s already doing some great work expanding and morphing the Diploma of Anglican Studies programme, which he also leads.”

As well as leading the Diploma programme and his new role as Dean of the College, Joe is on staff at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul as Chaplain for Young Adults, and comes with years of experience as a pastor.  Joe’s doctorate focuses on the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, seeking to analyse the systematic organisation of his thought and its import for the life of the church.

“I have a particular passion for preaching and proclamation in the local church,” Joe shares. “I’m excited about the prospect of helping shape and develop the College of Preachers as a diocesan resource, as well as a training ground for leading, developing, and equipping vicars as preachers. Proclamation is one of the central tasks of the church, and I’m very excited to be part of a team committed to preaching together.”

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