What Easter looked like to me: St Paul’s Waiwhetu

What Easter looked like to me: St Paul’s Waiwhetu

From Rev Karl Dickson, Vicar in the Parish of St Paul’s Waiwhetu:

On Easter Saturday, our youth group gathered to make fair trade Easter eggs, and hot cross buns. These were wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, with the hot cross buns being delivered to people in our local community; and the eggs were hidden in the church for an “Adult Easter Egg Hunt” (pictured).

We also started a new tradition, whereby the clergy will not preach on Resurrection Sunday; instead we will hear “what the resurrection means to me” from members of our church whānau.  We started this with a journey of pain and hope from Rwanda, and then a journey of great loss and new life from one of our older members of the church family.

We then heard, from four of the young women (along with the Youth Group Leader) the connection between the Resurrection, reconciliation, life from the cross and Fair Trade Chocolate, the visiting of people in our community, and why there was to be an Easter egg hunt for the adults after the service.

Reconciliation, resurrection, life, hope and our rediscovering our connection to the earth and global community – what better way to celebrate the risen Christ!