Bishop’s Diary for April and May 2017

Please uphold Bishop Justin’s ministry in your daily prayers.  Justin’s day off continues to be Mondays. Along with the day to day meetings in the Bishop’s Office, Bishop Justin will attend the following events in April and May:

Wednesday 19 April
Diocesan Council
Investment Committee dinner

Thursday 20 May-Thursday 27 May

Friday 28 April – Wednesday 3 May
Diocese of Polynesia Synod, Suva

Thursday 4 May
Board of Trustees

Friday 5 May
Wairarapa Cluster meetings
3DM huddle

Saturday 6 May
Diocesan Team Training Day

Sunday 7 May
Silverstream parish confirmations

Tuesday 9 May
Archdeacon’s Meeting
Diocesan Leadership Team
Board of Nominations
AYM House Huddle

Wednesday 10 May
Praxis training
Office Committee meeting
Discernment Examining Chaplains meeting

Thursday 11 May
Senior Leaders’ Meeting
Leadership Development Group
Meeting Cardinal John Dew

Friday 12 May
Senior Leaders’ retreat day

Saturday 13 May
Praxis Pacifica gathering

Tuesday 16 May
Children and Families ministry catch up
Palmerston North meetings
AYM House Huddle