Chrism services offer family gathering in lead up to Easter

Chrism services offer family gathering in lead up to Easter

Our Chrism services are approaching, and every member of the Diocese is encouraged to attend one of the three services.

Chrism services are an annual diocesan event at which our family gathers to re-affirm our baptism vows, and for ordained clergy and the Bishop to re-affirm the vows made at their ordination.  It is also the time at which Bishop Justin blesses the oil to be used in the coming year for anointing the sick, and for baptisms and ordinations.

As we journey towards Easter, Chrism represents a poignant moment for each person in the Diocese.  As well as being a reminder of our place in the family, our joining together reminds us of our active role in being brothers and sisters in Christ as we recommit ourselves to our walks with Jesus.

Traditionally only a service for the Bishop and ordained clergy, the Chrism services have been expanded in recent years to include all lay members of the Diocese, and have been held in three locations across the Diocese throughout Holy Week in order that as many members of the family could be present.  Clergy are invited to robe in alb and red stole.

This year’s Chrism services will be held at:

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