Bishop-elect to speak at University of Otago event

Bishop-elect to speak at University of Otago event

The Rev Canon Dr Ellie Sanderson, our new Bishop-elect, will speak at a University of Otago event this Friday at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.

Keeping Faith in Politics” is a series organised by the university’s Centre for Theology and Public Issues and provides a voice for faith perspectives across election issues such as economic inequality, the climate crisis, mass incarceration, and global migration.  This Friday, Ellie will be speaking on the topic of “Seeking the Common Good in a World of Self Interest.

About the meeting:

We live in a world of choice.  Our choices are rooted in who we are and what we want. In terms of politics, voting is presented as one such choice. An election is just another chance to express ourselves and pursue our desires. But who are we? What do we want? Who counts as one of “us”? And can we imagine a greater good which we share in common that is more than our individual self-interest? Spend ninety minutes with Rev. Dr. Eleanor Sanderson (Canon Theologian for the Wellington Diocese of the Anglican Church) as she reflects on how we, as Christians, might be able to “love our neighbours as ourselves” when we go to polls this September.

The event is at 6pm this Friday the 31st of March 2017, at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.