Via Lucis offers resurrection reflections

Via Lucis offers resurrection reflections

Via Lucis, The Way if Light; is also known as the Stations of the Resurrection.  Each of the fourteen stations is based on a resurrection encounter of Jesus with his followers as recorded in the Gospels and Acts.  They complement the Stations of the Cross, the fourteen stations that recall events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion.

The church season of Lent prepares us for the commemoration of Easter, with many people participating in Lenten readings, studies and reflections as a way of preparing for Easter.

Via Lucis offers readings, prayer practices and reflections to assist us as we journey with Christ from Easter to Pentecost and as we move out into the world, sent and renewed by the Spirit.

From the 17th of April until the 3rd of June, participants will receive two emails each week with resources for personal reflection and practice.  There will be a concluding day of reflection for those able to attend, on Saturday the 3rd of June, from 10am until 3pm at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.

For further information, download the brochure.