3Ms Temporary Suspension Canon

Management Committee made the first Suspension under the 3Ms Temporary Suspension Canon at its December meeting.  The Canon allows for specific parts of the Mission, Ministry and Management Canon to be suspended to allow a trial of different ways of implementing the roles assigned to Mission Council and Ministry Group with a view to find the best way to operate the governance committees of the Diocese.

This Suspension was made in order to facilitate the necessary immediate and ongoing appointments to the various Diocesan Ongoing Task Teams and in order to prepare the General Church Fund budget.  The formal specific roles of Mission Council and Ministry Group relating to the oversight of the Task Teams and budget setting will be exercised by Management Committee during the transition period.  Management Committee intends that members of Mission Council and Mission Council including the Diocesan Archdeacons will continue to be consulted in these matters and will continue to have a working relationship with the various task teams.

The text of the suspension is:

That at the request of the Bishop, Management Committee approves the following suspension under Section 3 of the 3M Canon Temporary Suspension Canon:

1          The roles set out in the following clauses of the Diocesan Mission, Ministry and Management Canon are vested in Management Committee:

(a)    Clause 5(3)(b) Budget Setting for Mission
(b)   Clause 5(3)(c) Mission Council Task Team Oversight
(c)    Clause 7(3)(b) Budget Setting for Ministry
(d)   Clause 7(3)(c) Ministry Group Task Team Oversight

2          Management Committee will seek the advice of members of Ministry Group and Mission Council in exercising these roles

3          The term of the suspension will be until 30 September 2016