Baptisms at St George’s Church, Turakina

Baptisms at St George’s Church, Turakina

This beautiful little country church was full to overflowing on Sunday 28th August, for the baptism of five children descendants of the founders of the church.

Friends and family came from near and far for this wonderful celebration.

Members of the Rangitikei Parish Choir led the singing of joyful hymns, accompanied by Richard Peirce on the organ and Stephanie Shaw on guitar. The children added cymbals, maracas, tambourines and triangles to great effect in “He’s Got the Whole World in Hands”.

The photograph shows Angus Gordon aged 3, Olivia Gordon aged 5, Lucas Cornish Smith aged 12. Ahzaria-Shilleen Cornish aged 5, and Isabella Lamont aged 13.

The service was taken by the Reverend Robin Peirce.

Daniel O’Neill received his Baptism Candle, as he had previously been baptised in the Neo-natal ward at Wellington Hospital.

May God bless them on their pilgrimage with their church family.