Refugee Family Needing Accommodation: Can You Help?

Refugee Family Needing Accommodation: Can You Help?

A  Somali family with six children and one grandchild have been staying in Island Bay since their arrival in New Zealand in November 2015.

This is a transitional house for refugee families resettling in New Zealand.  This flat is unsuitable for nine people and they are seriously overcrowded.  The family therefore need to find more suitable accommodation as soon as possible as another refugee family will need this flat soon.

They are on the register with Housing New Zealand for a five bedroom place but there are so few five bedroom places that this is an unlikely option.  One hope is that HNZ might have two places next door to each other – another remote possibility.  City Council is the next step but again big properties are quite rare.

The family are expected to search for a private property – hence this request and the hope that we might find a kind landlord.  The family can afford $350 per week, possibly $400 per week (references are available).  The family really need a house in the Wellington South area, as the children are attending schools in that area, including Island Bay School, South Wellington Intermediate School and Rongotai College.

The family are seriously overcrowded in their current accommodation which is emergency transitional accommodation only.   If you can help please contact Archdeacon Stephen King on  Thank you.