UK Bishop Leads a Reflection Service for Our Clergy

UK Bishop Leads a Reflection Service for Our Clergy

“Being a priest is a kind of loving—a loving that prays”

Bishop John Pritchard on 18 May 2016 in Lower Hutt

Last Wednesday, 18 May, approximately 35 clergy members from our Diocese sat under the teaching of Bishop John Pritchard, former Bishop of Oxford, and author of How to Pray and Living Jesus.  They enjoyed the generous hospitality of St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt.  Bishop John led a stimulating morning of reflection on how clergy can pace themselves to be God’s instruments in the world.

Clergy Self Care DayHe challenged the clergy members to examine how to sustain their first loves, their minds, their bodies, and their relationships.  He also unpacked John 10:10 and noted, “If your religion makes you run away from life, then God is against it.”

Concerning the ministry callings of clergy, he said, “We are called to be the scent of God in a world that is increasingly losing its sense of smell.”

Our own Bishop Justin Duckworth asked clergy to consider the question: What fires you in ministry now?  Bishop Justin invited clergy to let him know their answer, so we can shape our Diocese to encourage this passion.