Help a Family Rebuild after Cyclone Winston

Help a Family Rebuild after Cyclone Winston

As you are aware Anglican Missions launched an Emergency Appeal in February this year following Tropical Cyclone Winston.  Tropical Cyclone Winston was the strongest cyclone to ever impact the Southern Hemisphere.

Anglican Missions has produced a Disaster Response Plan in partnership with the Diocese of Polynesia.  We are currently focused on Stage One of the plan which is the support of the people of Maniava.  Maniava is a Koro (village).  This koro is situated in Ra, on the eastern side of the main island of Fiji.  138 people in Maniava have lost their homes; among these are children and young people.

The main income in Maniava comes from the land.  People have planted yagona (kava) together with food crops to sell mostly in the market in Rakiraki.  Most of these crops have now been destroyed.  In the last 20 years, the people were able to live from their own subsistence farming and were able to build 37 homes from their own resources and shared labour.  Four houses were built by the Government and these are the only houses left standing.  With little support from outside, Maniava had been built on the noble foundation of working together and endeavouring to be self-supporting.

The Tropical Cyclone Winston Care Committee created by the Diocese of Polynesia, which comprises senior members of staff, recognises the situation of Maniava as a priority for these main reasons:

  • The majority of the houses in Maniava together with belongings and crops have been destroyed
  • The people of the koro have a healthy aim to be self-supporting, and this spirit needs to be recognised and assisted
  • The people are mostly Anglicans away from a main centre and we as Anglicans have a particular responsibility for their well-being
  • By helping the people of Maniava to stand on their own feet, they can be strengthened to help their neighbouring villages also in need

Our plan is to assist this village by funding the rebuild of the homes that have been destroyed.  We are reaching out to the Church of New Zealand to offer the chance to support a family in Maniava.  The estimated cost of repairing each home is $7,000.  33 houses need to be rebuilt to house the 138 people of Maniava who have lost their homes.

Your continued prayers for the people of the Diocese of Polynesia are very much appreciated throughout this time.

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Malcolm Pease of Eltham Parish has put together an excellent presentation to promote our focus on rebuilding Maniava in Fiji.  Below is a link to this, however if you would like a copy on a memory stick to show to groups in your area, please contact Malcom on 06 764 8262.  He is happy to provide this together with information sheets for a small cost to cover the presentation and postage.

Support and good news for Fiji

So far our Emergency Appeal for Cyclone Winston has raised approximately $88,000.00.  This includes some large donations from overseas from Texas and Australia.  Many parishes and individuals have forwarded their donations with notes of prayers and support for Fiji.

Holy Trinity, Greymouth and Kumara Parish having raised a substantial amount to earthquake strengthen their church have offered a very generous grant specifically to help repair a church in Fiji and this will go to The Church of the Holy Spirit which is in Ba, a region very close to the path of destruction taken by Cyclone Winston.

Gifts have also been made – such as a recently donated communion set which went to Jeke of the Church of the Holy Redeemer from the Island of Levuka, off Viti Levu.  This church is one of the oldest in Fiji, and Levuka faces difficulties as the fish factory, which employs about 65% of locals, is closed due to an oil leak from a damaged ship, due to Cyclone Winston.

Gifts of linen and towels some months back were given through Holy Trinity, Auckland.  These gifts, as well as clothing given from the Community of St John the Evangelist, Meadowbank, are now in Fiji.  With the help of Holy Trinity, Suva and St Luke’s churches a loaded van is on its way to Maniava, as dry weather has enabled vehicle access to the village.

Thanks to all who have and will donate to bless and support our brothers and sisters in Fiji