Living the Dream – Getting Dirty for God

Living the Dream – Getting Dirty for God

Being family and looking to be Jesus to others in the community while reflecting where else God is in our day

Getting Dirty for GodA whole lot of young people hung out doing God’s calling in Shannon for five days recently giving a total of 700 hours of service.

  • Working in the school community garden, bagging $500 worth of sheep pellets to work towards funds for school projects
  • Picking/stewing fruit for breakfast club
  • Painting and working on the grounds at the local Kohanga
  • Ground works in some local gardens

Getting Dirty for God 2Of course there was a whole lot of fun to be had: the pool, a lot of 9 square, ultimate tag and the greatest game ever, spotlight, just to name a few!  Everyone slept together in the Shannon parish hall … some will tell you the floor is a little hard to sleep on.

Getting Dirty for God 3There were 11 mission units represented with Years 7 to 9 campers and Years 10 to 13 in leadership development years.  There were some great adults there as well.