Management Committee Update: February 2016

At its first meeting in 2016, Management Committee welcomed Nick Young, the new Diocesan Manager to his role, and asked Bishop Justin to send a letter of thanks to Professor Athol Mann for his services as Chair of the Audit Committee over the past several years.

The online Governance Survey and how to get more input, especially from young people was discussed.  On other governance matters the task of assisting the Board of Trustees to clarify their responsibilities continues, and the work of the Management Committee sub-committee on this issue was canvassed.  Plans were put in place to set aside a half-day session to focus on the vision and mission of the Diocese going forward, and other work is underway to improve the operation of Management Committee meetings themselves.

Management Committee wholeheartedly endorsed the campaign to double the refugee quota, recognising the huge humanitarian needs that currently exist on a global scale.  Bishop Justin will be pushing for this publicly.

A range of property matters were reported to the Committee, and stage 1 of the St Peter’s on Willis renovation project, and the strengthening and improvement work on St John’s, Trentham, were both approved.

Management Committee approved experimental governance arrangements proposed for the Ruapehu Parish and commended the Parish for the positive moves it is making for the future.

Several appointments were also approved by the Diocesan Trusts Board meeting convened near the end of the Committee meeting.

The Committee will meet again in the second week of March.