Refugee Resettlement in Wellington

Refugee Resettlement in Wellington

The Wellington Diocese in partnership with the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington is providing support to the Red Cross in the resettlement of the first intake of refugees containing Syrians arriving in New Zealand under the Government’s emergency quota.  This is approximately 95 people / 25 households.  This is double the size of any previous intake into Wellington.

Sourcing of the material goods required to set up 25 homes
All large items of furniture are provided to the families by the Government.  All other items necessary for the setup of these new homes e.g. kitchen setup, linens, bedding, cleaning products etc. have up until this intake been provided by the individual teams of Red Cross volunteers who are assigned to each family.  These teams of up to four volunteers are the primary points of contact with the Red Cross for the refugee families.  They have set up the homes by sourcing the materials from within the Red Cross networks and within their own networks of family and friends.

HOWEVER for this set-up the gathering of 25 household lots of requested household goods (a defined list of specific items) will be the responsibility of the churches.  This will consist of approximately 10 from the Anglicans, 10 from the Catholics, and five from the Mosque.

For Anglicans this will be delegated to our parish clusters.  The completed household lots will be delivered to the Cathedral for check off prior to being distributed to the assigned setup team.

What Might That Look Like For Your Cluster?   

  • Very Specific lists… e.g. X Plates, X Bowls, X Sheets, X Towels, and Kitchen stuff, etc., nice used goods… for a family of X adults and X children. Will be assigned to clusters to collect.No furniture is required, and the specific items required will be collated by each cluster according to the requirements we have been provided by the Red Cross.

How Can You Be Involved?

  • or for English Language Partners
  • Pray for Peace: the long term solution to the suffering of the millions of displaced people throughout the world is peace.  While that might seem an impossibility at this time, what is impossible for humanity is possible for God.


We are seeking secondhand working televisions and Freeview boxes for refugees households.  Please contact Archdeacon Stephen King on email

Please be patient – this is just the beginning of our work in support of refugee resettlement.  Not every parish or every cluster will be able to make a direct contribution in support of this first refugee intake.  But as this process continues you will all have the opportunity to help.

Thank you all so much.

Archdeacon Stephen King