Bishop’s Community Development Trust

Bishop’s Community Development Trust

The Anglican Diocese of Wellington has identified that there is a need to support community organisations and parishes more.  Many not-for-profit organisations struggle due to lack of capability and capacity in areas such as governance, planning, finance, legal compliance and project management.

The need for a dedicated organisation in Wellington to provide capacity strengthening and support community and voluntary organisations is needed.  The Bishop’s Community Development Trust will look to create such an organisation over the next 12 months, to build capacity of individuals, organisations and the community sector in the Wellington region.

Many groups spend significant amounts of money on administration, including trying to raise funds.  Our hope is that if groups work on better service delivery, planning, communications and collaboration, we will see more value for money and better services provided in the community.

The Bishop’s Community Development Trust is a registered legal entity with charitable status and is being managed by Keryn Martin.

A model is already showing regions the way with the Bishop’s Action Foundation in Taranaki.  This is a similar services and the model is being implanted in Wellington, through The Bishop’s Community Development Trust.  More information will be provided over the coming months regarding the Trust’s work and development.

We Need Your Help – Volunteers

As part of our services we are supporting groups with better administration with finances such as setting groups up with Xero accounting, conducting audits and reviews and making sure groups are meeting the new financial reporting standards.

The Bishop’s Community Development Trust is looking for volunteers.  If you have some spare time and skills in book keeping, auditing, accounting, meeting conduct, minute taking and the general not-for-profit field we would love to hear from you.  This would also be a good opportunity for students to gain some practical experience in accounting, auditing and not-for-profit management.  We would also be happy to talk with people who have an interest in these areas and would like to add a new skill to their repertoire.

We need helpers one to two hours per week, and full training will be provided.  You will be based from the Anglican Centre in Thorndon, Wellington.

Please contact Keryn at for an initial interview to discuss opportunities.