Refugees Need Help More Than Ever

Refugees Need Help More Than Ever

From the Refugee Family Reunification Trust Newsletter December 2015

As the global refugee crisis continues, New Zealand has agreed to take 600 more Syrian refugees over the next two and a half years.  The Trust welcomes that decision.  We will continue to raise money to help reunite refugee families who have been torn apart by humanitarian tragedies around the world.  We have no doubt that Syrian refugees who come to Wellington will seek our assistance.

The number of refugees seeking our help continues to increase, and the past year has been one of our busiest.  The Trust has now paid for airfares to bring well over 500 people – many of whom were children and young people – to re-join their families who have made their homes in Wellington.  With our assistance, around 180 families have been reunited.  Put simply, without our help many of these families could never have overcome the financial challenges inherent in the immigration process.  It is very rewarding to see so many families reunited after such long separations, and to know that the Trust has played a vital part in a successful, and life-changing, outcome.

The high cost of one-way airfares to Wellington – approximately $2,000 per person – is beyond the means of most refugees, who often flee their country with nothing.  Many of the families we have helped have been very large, and so the cost of the airfares can be over $10,000 for one family.  It is simply impossible for refugees to meet these costs.  Yet for many, it is also impossible to make a new life in New Zealand when they know that their loved ones remain in perilous situations.  It would be tragic if refugee families who had been approved to live in New Zealand remained separated simply because they could not afford to pay for the cost of the airfares – the final step in reuniting their family.

Over 14 years, the Trust has assisted refugees from across the world, including families originally from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Liberia, Sudan, Myanmar, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Banda Ache.  Many of these families were living in refugee camps or equally appalling situations.

We have raised more than $1,260,000 for refugees – 100% of which has gone to refugees.  We are particularly proud of this achievement, as not a single dollar of donations has been used to generate this income.  We do not pay for advertising, fundraisers, salaries or rent – so that all donations can be given to refugees.  No remuneration is paid to the Trustees, and separate funding is obtained specifically for unavoidable administration costs, such as audit fees, and we are able to keep these to a bare minimum due to the Trust’s reliance on unpaid volunteers.  The Trust receives no government funding.

We will continue our work successfully reuniting refugee families, and we hope that you are able to continue to support us.

How You Can Help:

Post: Send a donation to the Refugee Family Reunification Trust, P O Box 27342, Marion Square, Wellington 6141

Automatic Payment: Contact your bank to obtain and complete an automatic payment form

Telephone: Call us to discuss any fundraising event you are organising that may contribute towards the Trust on 04 475 7994

Email: Send a message to

Internet Banking: Westpac, Lambton Quay Branch, Account Number 030502 0337025 00

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