Where Am I Going?  Where Do I Want To Be?

Where Am I Going? Where Do I Want To Be?

I’d like to recommend this tool to you; if you’re a young adult trying to figure out the future, or you’re in the mid-life “changing parachutes” in flight stage, or you’re mid-career and your work drains you – this is a great tool for you!

We are created as part of the body, for the body, for the world, (Romans 12 & 1 Cor 12) and there are contributions we’re here to make to bring the Kingdom as reality to our community and others (Eph 2.10).  When we’re in that sweet spot being who we’re supposed to be, doing what is natural – it sings, flows and we are rejuvenated… when we’re “out-of-pocket” it drains us!  Young adults often know there is something, but can’t identify it… adults may know what is not working, but long for that life that brings all of whom they are to bear and the satisfaction of knowing you are in the right space.

I’m recommending it because it’s very useful with the saints living out their calling, their lives centred in who they are created to be, freed to making those contributions with excitement and assurance they are where they should be – and given permission to dream and explore growing in those contributions and the joy being who they are called to and created to be.

I recommend this tool, because it’s not based on “how you feel” or “what you think” which shifts with circumstances.  I like this tool because it is based on how your brain actually functions… how you process and deal with information, your abilities and how you organise thinking.  I took this “ability test” so I could recommend it as a tool.  It’s funny, I feel very centred in who I am, making my contributions in the Diocese and I’ve done a lot of personality profiles before.  This test felt more like an IQ test, and yet it nailed my personality, gifts, how I naturally work and do what I do… It’s as if they had a sneaky peak into my personality profiles.  Hence, knowing the answers, I tested the test to see if it would “get me”… it did 100%!   I remember being that 18 year old trying to sort it out – “what will I do with my life” and the mid-career “am I really doing what I am called to do”?

Ruth, part of a missionary family recently returned after years in Thailand, has broad experience in helping people connect to the test and then coaching them to gain excellent perspective and wrestle with their future decisions.  She’s part of our Diocese and has used this test with schools, churches, individuals (younger and older).  Her insights are mature Biblical discerned counsel.  If you’re in this place to wrestle these issues, I’d encourage you connect and consider undergoing this Natural Abilities Test.

Michael Brantley

Natural Ability

Are you feeling overwhelmed and pressured by the decision of what to do after you finish school or university?  Do you want a career change?

In Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire cat said: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

The opposite can be even truer: If you know where you are going, you can overcome any obstacle to get there.

Sound easy?  Many of us find this decision making process very difficult.

This is where the Natural Ability Assessment can help you!  It measures your natural abilities, your interests, and your personal style, which will give you practical guidance to find the courses of study and career path which are the best fit for you.

After completing 19 objective work samples online, you receive a two hour consultation with a certified career coach and a 30 page report on your abilities, and the best work types, which will help you map out your career path.

Hugely popular in the US and Australia, this Natural Ability assessment is now available in NZ through:

Ruth Corlett – Life and Career Coach


telephone: 022 372 3116

Email or call for a free 15 minute consultation