Update on Cyclone Pam from Reverend Mike Hawke, AMB

Update on Cyclone Pam from Reverend Mike Hawke, AMB

Recently Mike returned from Vanuatu to catch up on progress following the disaster caused by Cyclone Pam six months ago.  Since then, another two crises are occurring right now.

First is the drought – schools are closing a month early as there is no water for sanitation.  The crops, struggling to survive the hurricane, now face no water.  Taro, cabbage and sweet potato, all staple crops, will suffer.

Then there is the present constitutional crisis.  14 Government Members of Parliament have been imprisoned for corruption.  This means the Government cannot govern.  The Prime Minister refuses to budge so the President has stepped in.

Vanuatu 2Our container finally arrived to the Parish of Tagabae where it was opened last week.  It took an explanation to the port authorities that Mike was off to meet the President in the next hour for it to be released from the wharf, and transported to the church.

Vanuatu 3Thank you all for supporting the Vanuatu project.

Bishop James Ligo of Vanuatu would love a container of clothes.  Reverend Rory Pilbrow is interested in helping – are there any other who could join him?

Please contact Mike on mike@angmissions.org.nz for more information. Vanuatu 4