Mt Victoria, Wellington Cross Appeal

Mt Victoria, Wellington Cross Appeal

The two crosses on the radio mast atop Mt Victoria in Wellington, when lit up shine for all to see with one facing towards the city and the other towards the airport. They are switched on during Easter until ANZAC Day, and from the beginning of Advent until after Christmas. The Council of Wellington Churches takes responsibility for the crosses.

They are a symbol of Christ’s presence in the Wellington area and a reminder to all of why we celebrate Christmas and Easter. This is particularly so to those who are outside the church, who otherwise may have no knowledge of the significance of these Christian festivals.

For all these reasons we are in one mind in our desire to ensure that the two crosses continue to shine over Wellington, as they have for the last two decades, for all time.

However not all is well with the crosses. Both face an ongoing battering, one from the prevailing northerlies and the other from the less frequent but stronger southerlies. The cross facing the city needs repair and upgrading to LED quality, while the one facing the airport is no longer operating and needs to be rebuilt completely, using stronger materials and LED lights.

We need to raise $11,000 to complete these works and seek donations from individuals, businesses and Churches. All donations will be receipted and those over $5.00 are eligible for a tax credit. You can give in a number of ways:

  • Via Spark’s “Givealittle” site
  • By payment to the Council of Wellington Churches Bank A/C: Westpac 03 0502 0068435 025 – to ensure you receive a receipt please include your name and also send an email to our Treasurer at
  • By cheque to Wellington Council of Churches Light Up the Crosses Appeal, P O Box 3549, Wellington 6140