Taihape Parish wins Anglican Missions competition

Last year, as part of their centenary celebrations, Anglican Missions invited churches across the province to enter a competition for the best missions board – and the winner was our own Parish of Taihape!

The prize for the winning team was a lovely night out, having dinner with Archbishop Philip Richardson. Archbishop Philip travelled to Taihape early in March and took seven members, including the Priest in Charge, Rev Tracey Peters, out to dinner at the Cypress Tree restaurant.

“I wanted a mission board that was interactive and had some involvement from young people, plus some ideas for what and how to pray for our particular missionaries,” Tracey said.

“So we ended up with a half circle of chain figures standing out from the board. Then we have ribbons and cords of varying sizes and colours and widths to act as prayer ropes that people can knot as they pray for our missionaries and mission events featured on our board. We have a paragraph about what our missionary needs particular prayer for, which is different each month, and general guidelines about praying for missionaries.  We also have a mission barometer which shows each month how much our parish has given towards our mission goal. Lastly, we have strung a line of little lights that flash right around the board to attract our attention to it, to encourage people to look and read and pray.”

Well done Taihape whānau, and thank you for the inspiration to celebrate and support our missionaries!