Peter and Helen Benge head to Tunisia

Peter Benge (currently the Vicar of Lower Hutt) has announced his intention to leave the parish after 15 years of service there.  He and Helen have new roles as NZCMS (Church Missionary Society) mission partners.  Peter has accepted the position of Chaplain for the English speaking congregation at St George’s in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.  Tunisia is currently in the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, but will shortly be in a separate Diocese of North Africa.  Helen expects to be working as a teacher of English as a Second Language.  Peter and Helen will also work to support the Arabic-speaking congregation at St George’s in Tunis.

For Peter and Helen to be able to serve in Tunisia, they need to gather a group of churches and individuals who can prayerfully and financially support them. If you are interested in joining their support team or becoming a link church for them, please contact NZCMS at