Focus on Lent

Lent has begun for 2020. If it had slipped off your radar, you’ve only missed the pancakes and ashes so far! Throughout our diocese, we will gather in small groups to study together using the Lent booklets, Stories of Freedom. There is still time to sign yourself up to participate – see your local church for details. Sunday sermons during Lent will be brought to you by video message. You can see a taster here, and you can access the full videos on the Lent webpage,

Lent in Mandarin

For several years, the Anglican Chinese Mission has faithfully translated our diocesan Lent study so that Mandarin-speaking brothers and sisters can participate in our Lenten journey. Translation is an arduous task. It is not simply about translating word for word, because it’s important to make sure that concepts are conveyed in ways that make sense in the recipient’s cultural context. With Chinese characters, there is the additional difficulty that different generations tend to use traditional or simplified characters.

Rev. Henry Yap, Eric Tan and Judy Zhang have diligently pursued this work in order to resource the Chinese church and to provide materials for evangelism. Last year, Anglican Chinese Mission created a bilingual Lent study that was used in different parishes across the diocese. It was particularly special that stories about the impact of the gospel within Aotearoa New Zealand were used as they communicated the rich heritage we have to those who have arrived here more recently.

This year’s studies are available in electronic format from

After Lent, feedback will be gathered so that they can be published into a resource for wider use. Please pray that these resources would bolster the discipleship of our Chinese brothers and sisters and be a tool to help others learn about the freedom that Christ brings.

Lent and children

Looking for ideas for observing Lent with children? Thalia at Sacraparental has a comprehensive resource here. Anglican Movement Children and Families has a Facebook page here and a Pinterest board of Lent ideas here.

Prayer requests

Our Cathedral family is partnering with the Catholic church to offer Lent studies and following that, to run an Alpha course. Your prayers for this joint initiative would be appreciated.

Are there Lent initiatives in your mission unit you’d like prayer for? Let us know by emailing and we’ll add them here.