Ordination of Robyn Appleby and Pixie Rowe

Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor are delighted to announce the ordination to the transitional diaconate of Robyn Appleby and Pixie Rowe. More information about both candidates can be found below. The ordination will take place within the 10am service at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul on Sunday 23 February 2020. All are warmly invited to this service to witness Robyn and Pixie’s commitment to leadership in God’s church. We encourage you to hold Robyn and Pixie in your daily prayers over this season.  Visiting clergy are invited to join in the service procession and if so please wear alb and red stole, and be at the Cathedral by 9.30 for robing. If you have any questions about the service, please contact Canon Precentor Katie Lawrence at canon@wellingtoncathedral.org.nz.

Currently Robyn is pastor for adults in mission at All Saints Church, Palmerston North, and leads the mid-week service. In the past, she has served on the mission field in various Asian countries and most recently in Tanzania, where she was a NZCMS mission partner for six years. In 2012 she attended St John’s Theological College and did an Advanced Diploma in Anglican Studies. All of this has given her experience as a pastor, teacher and chaplain. She has a passion for pastoral care and is a trained spiritual director.


Pixie, born in the USA, met her husband when they were training at Trinity Theological College, Bristol, UK, and has worked alongside David in the UK since then in seven parishes, plus leading Lee Abbey Christian Community and Conference Centre for seven years.  They have four children and nearly eight grandchildren. She is manager of the Welcome Centre and Shop at the Cathedral, and she is a passionate advocate for fair trade.