Waitangi Day celebrations at Rangiātea

On Thursday 6 February 2020, our All Saints Ōtaki whānau are joining with their local Tikanga Māori church Rangiātea to co-host a Waitangi Day picnic to commemorate the Treaty.  Beginning at 3.00pm, the programme includes a Waitangi Day church service, talks on the Treaty, family activities and entertainment. This event will take place at Te Rauparaha Street, Ōtaki.

Dr Rangi Nicholson, Assistant Priest at Rangiātea, says, “We invite other churches and interested individuals to join us.  In the future we hope that churches throughout the country will hold their own Waitangi Day picnics or events.”

Dr Nicholson and Co-Minister in Charge of the Parish of Ōtaki, Jessica Falconer, are both descendants of Treaty signatories. They acknowledge that both parties signed the Treaty in good faith and that missionaries were instrumental in translating and promoting what they saw as a biblical covenant.

In 2040, Aotearoa New Zealand will commemorate 200 years since the signing of Te Tiriti.  The two believe that over the next twenty years, churches will increasingly come under scrutiny regarding their historical roles.  “It is our hope that churches will become better placed to contribute towards healing and bold, loving change in this land.  It is necessary to learn our history. Churches are flawed organisations full of flawed human beings.  We encourage churches to truly confess their historical wrongdoings.  We also encourage churches to walk on together to more truth, more justice and more aroha.”