Strandz’s Scope groups starting in March

SCOPE stands for ‘Strands Communities of Practice for Everyone’, and are small clusters of leaders who connect regularly throughout the year on Zoom, read and digest a book together, and go on a faith adventure to see what God is doing across New Zealand.

In 2020, the Strandz team are running Scope groups for any Anglican leaders who have a passion for children and families ministry,  and they would love you to be involved. They will be running three streams focusing on:

  • Child and Family Theology
  • Intergenerational church – *nearly full*
  • Family faith formation

Registrations are open and are flying in! Never before have children and family ministry leaders in New Zealand been connected up like this, and the Strandz team is pretty excited. Check out for more details.  You’re not going to want to miss it!