AYM Dodgeball Championships

AYM Dodgeball Championships

Dodgeballers descended on St. Hilda’s, Upper Hutt on Friday night as 16 teams from the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa fought it out to be the AYM Dodgeball Champion.

Wainuiomata Parish came out as the eventual winners, beating Trentham Parish in the final. It would be described as a David and Goliath match with the four Intermediate Wainuiomata young people facing off against the six High School boys from Trentham. Wainuiomata had enlisted the help of some boys that showed up from Tawa. Lyn Napier from Wainuiomata described the boys as “earth angels,” as they helped the Wainuiomata team to achieve glory.

Dodgeball Second PhotoThe night opened with devotions on the idea of love. As Wainuiomata shared: “As the night unfolded I saw a lot of caring, when our young ones were on the court none of the bigger youth threw balls that would hurt them.” All in all it was a great night with 100 young people and their leaders enjoying the Dodgeball, the food and the games on the side.

Andrew Spence, Hutt Valley Youth Development Worker said: “The night was another example of how working together could enable us to do much more as a family than we could on our own.”

The Hutt Valley Youth Ministries are joining together for another two events this year, a camp in October and a youth service in November.