Diocese joins governmental advisory group

Our diocese has officially become one of the key partners in a collaborative, inter-agency advisory group on trafficking and labour exploitation.  Rev Chris Frazer, our Deacon for Social Justice, tells us that the role of the group – among other things – is to foster cross-sector collaboration and to offer advice to Government on issues pertaining to trafficking and labour exploitation.

Chris has been involved in work to end trafficking and exploitation for fifteen years, and she tells us that really positive progress is being made at bringing the Church to the table of agencies who can make a difference in this area.  “The Church is full of business-people, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and people from all walks of life – all with skills to offer, all with connections to people in communities throughout New Zealand, and all with a faith that motivates us to uphold the value and dignity of every life.  It’s really great to see the Church take its place as a valued participant in this vital work.”

Beyond co-ordinating this advisory group, Chris is busy co-organising a conference to be held this year which will bring together an array of voices on the topic, and we are partnering with the US Embassy and the Human Rights Commission to host this conference.  She is also working with Archbishop Emeritus Sir David Moxon to look at what the Anglican Church, possibly alongside the Catholic Church, can actively do to bring this growing criminal activity out into the open.  Updates will be posted as Chris’s work progresses, and as we discover ways in which we can all be educated and aware in this space.