Zero Carbon Bill passed

Two years ago, our diocese jumped aboard the Zero Carbon Act campaign. Since then, we’ve been actively involved in offering submissions and participating in public demonstrations, demanding effective and ambitious action on climate change.

On Thursday last week, the bill passed – nearly unanimously and with the much-needed cross-partisan support. We celebrate our collective efforts in partnership with thousands of other Kiwis to see this bill passed into law.

Though it is a basic law, it provides a framework by which New Zealand can develop and implement clear climate-change policies that contribute to the global effort to keep temperatures from rising more than an average of 2 degrees Celsius.

Many Anglicans prayed and attended vigils as the issue moved from public demand to government discourse, and we encourage continued prayers as the government attempts to navigate this country through a very complicated issue.

For those interested in suggestions on what to pray about or how to take action, check out the Facebook pages of Anglican Advocacy Wellington and Karakia for Our Climate, a recent initiative among Anglicans across Aotearoa.