Rosie Fyfe ordained as a deacon

Rosie Fyfe ordained as a deacon

Rev Rosie Fyfe, the new national director of NZCMS, was ordained to the Diaconate at Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp, Waikanae, on Saturday the 12th of October 2019, by Bishop Justin, Bishop Eleanor, and Bishop Peter Carrell of Christchurch.  Rosie returned to Wellington at the end of 2018, after an NZCMS posting in Egypt and studying a Master’s degree in theology in the United States.

In the early church, the deacons took the Eucharist to those who could not get to church, which speaks of taking Jesus Christ’s presence and love to those outside the walls of our churches. Vocational deacons are commissioned by the Church to go out into all the world and make disciples, and to take others with them into mission.  Rosie tells us: “In his sermon during my ordination, Bishop Justin reminded us that this is all of our calling.  The deacon is a reminder of the calling that we have – Bishop Justin told us that when we see a deacon ‘we get a sense of holy discontent,’ and a reminder of our own missionary calling.”  It was a fitting reminder given that we were at Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp, and were focusing on becoming God’s missional church.

Rosie’s niece Alicia (8) read the first reading, from 1 Corinthians 2:1-16, and the Gospel of Luke (Chapter 22, beginning at verse 24) was read by Rev Caro Willis, Chaplain at Chilton St James School in Lower Hutt.   Rosie was presented for ordination by Rev Tim McKenzie, Co-leader of the Parish of Kelburn, and Courtney Wilson who lives at Ngatiawa River Monastery in Waikanae.

Rosie tells us that the sense of bringing “holy discontent” wherever she goes might not be such a bad thing!  She tells us: “Part of my role as the National Director of NZCMS (the New Zealand Church Missionary Society) is to walk with people discerning a missionary call to serve in another country. In the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand, I hope to provoke a sense of ‘holy discontent’ for the Church to look outside our own country and to learn from and contribute to the global Church.”

“Since arriving back from living overseas for most of the past decade, I’m so grateful to feel part of the Anglican whānau in Wellington, and the ordination felt like I was being ordained by my family into this new role.”  On her return, Rosie became our Intercultural Communities Enabler whilst Rev Ana Fletcher was on maternity, and used her experience of building relationships with Muslims to resource us so capably through the post-Christchurch massacres period.  She also built strong links with Victoria University of Wellington and our St Michael’s whānau in Kelburn, whilst living in the Community of the Transfiguration.

Rosie’s ordination occurred as she prepares to move to Christchurch where the offices of NZCMS are based. Although we hoped to retain Rosie in our diocese for much longer, we wish her well in her new role and know we will have many interactions with her and her team going forward.  Rosie was discerned for ordination in our diocese, and thus was ordained by Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor before she moves to Christchurch, however we were privileged to welcome Bishop Peter Carrell of Christchurch to our Family Camp, and to have him co-preside over Rosie’s ordination.