When It Comes to Mission Onslow Anglicans Have It Covered!

When It Comes to Mission Onslow Anglicans Have It Covered!

Sea Sunday 2015 saw parishioners invited “Wear a Beanie, Bring a Beanie” to the 8.00am and 10.00am services.

The theme was decided so the beanies brought could then go to help support the Mission to Seafarers around NZ.  With Reverend Lance Lukin soon to take up the position of Chaplain to Seafarers in the New Year, this was a great opportunity for him to lead through and hear from a parishioner who had served as a Seafarer for over 30 years, rising to the rank of Master.

This was well supported and a fun way to get involved in a vital mission opportunity to NZ ports.

Parishes and individuals are welcome to drop off beanies to the Anglican Centre and we will get them to the Mission for Seafarers.

knickersWhile this was being planned, another mission opportunity was brought to our attention with the devastating floods in Wanganui and the plea for undies and knickers. This saw an instant influx of knickers being dropped off at the office along with generous donations of money, to go towards helping those affected by the floods in the area.

Onslow Anglican has many people who fully support (from top to bottom) the mission being done throughout the Diocese. We look forward to the next challenge!

bULLETThe next service we did was Celebrating Bible Sunday, at which a Parishioner presented a bible for blessing.  This is a very special bible as it is what saved her husband during WWII.  You can see the bullet hole which the bible deflected meaning injury, but life.