Other Synod News in Brief

Nominations Panel: The Nominations Panel report was received.  Read the report here.

Omnibus Canon Changes: There were a range of small changes to Canons.

  • Wording referring to the “General Church Fund” in the Diocesan Bishops Canon and in some standing resolutions was changed to “General Diocesan Fund” to be more consistent with the Finance Canon
  • The Audit Committee became the Risk and Assurance Committee, reflecting the broadened purview of the Committee to focus on matters including health and safety, performance and risk assessment, in line with best practice. The Canon now specifies that the membership of the committee needs to include at least one member of Diocesan Council, a member with recent accounting and/or auditing experience, and at least two people who are not members of Diocesan Council, the Board of Trustees or the Finance Committee.
  • The Diocesan Governance Canon was altered to reflect the disestablishment of the Office Committee and the Insurance Board.
  • References to the Audit Committee and these disestablished entities mentioned above were rectified.
  • The Diocesan Mission Units Canon was changed to fix some inconsistencies in terminology, removing mention of “experimental” mission units, and settling for the preferred and more frequently used term of “exploratory” mission units
  • Some clause and section references were clarified.

Petrol allowances: Petrol allowances were changed to reflect the change in location of Synod – previously in Palmerston North and Lower Hutt, this year in Ohākune.  Given our focus on reducing carbon emissions, a question was asked about focussing future motions of this type on transport, rather than petrol.

Shareable Trust Variations: Synod approved variations to the Charitable Schemes for three Trusts held by our Diocesan Board of Trustees.  These are the Balcombe-Brown Scholarships, the Pennefather Trust, and the St Bede Prize Fund.

David McLay proposed the motion and told Synod that the new schemes had been prepared in accordance with the Anglican Church Trusts Act 1981, had been approved by the Board of Trustees, notified to the Attorney-General, and reported as acceptable to the Chancellor.

In each of the three cases, the changes were reflective of scenarios whereby it was “impossible, impracticable or inexpedient” to carry out the purposes set out in the original Instruments.  The explanatory notes to this motion can be read here.

Title D: Chancellor Tony Hill presented the latest news on the proposed reform of Title D, the Church’s disciplinary Canon.  He said that the number of complaints about ministers’ conduct is rising, and with the upcoming Royal Commission into historic abuse which will include our Church, now is an appropriate time to review this Canon.  He told Synod that it is proposed that there be established a centralised office and set of standards for handling conduct, and that feedback is now welcome on the proposals, to Tony on chancellor@anglicanmovement.nz.

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