Nick Young, Diocesan Manager

Nick Young, our Diocesan Manager for almost four years, has advised the Bishops and Diocesan Council of his resignation.  Nick’s last day with us as Diocesan Manager will be 31 October 2019.

Since his appointment, Nick has successfully lead a programme of reform and improvement focused on Diocesan systems and processes, support for our Diocesan governance bodies and mission units, and ensuring we are the best possible stewards of our resources.  Along with the Diocesan Office team, and working in partnership with a range of Diocesan bodies and others, he has built and delivered a modern and effective approach to property management, administration, finance, health and safety, and communications.  The Bishops, the Diocesan governance bodies, and we are sure the Diocese as a whole, are grateful to Nick for his leadership, his professionalism, and his commitment and energy as Diocesan Manager.  The quality of support he has provided to all of us has been very much appreciated, and his legacy is a Diocesan Office, and Diocesan systems and processes, that are fit for purpose and well aligned with our Diocesan mission.

Nick’s skills and experience will not be lost to us, as he has offered to support the work the Diocese is doing in the area of property development.  Nick’s strong professional background in this space, combined with his passion to see the Diocese’s assets used as effectively as possible to grow the kingdom of God, will be a welcome addition to our property work, as we ramp up our efforts.  Watch this space for more on our property development initiative.

The Diocesan Council has agreed to immediately begin advertising for a new Diocesan Manager.

Nick writes:

It’s been a privilege being the Diocesan Manager for the past few years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of being part of a team seeking to understand what it means to support a kingdom movement, as our parishes and Mission and Ministry teams seek to follow and respond to God’s call in their communities. While there is still a lot of work to do, it has been great exploring what it means to be “light weight and low maintenance”  in an ever-increasing compliance-based society, and with a clear goal of supporting what God might be doing amongst us.

I have so appreciated the personal growth and discipleship that has come with being part of the diocesan team.  As a “work place,” it is second to none for nurturing and stretching one’s faith.  A massive thanks to our bishops for holding strong culture and leadership in this space.

To the Diocesan Council and Board of Trustees: thank you for all your input, wisdom and encouragement in the various initiatives and business-as-usual tasks you have supported.

And to the Anglican Centre team: the last four years have seen significant transformation in many operational areas; as resourcing, systems and procedures have undergone review and change. Thank you for all your patience and the inevitable hard work in a fluid and dynamic environment.  Well done, it’s been a blast!

I am looking forward to the new adventures that the next season working in the diocese will hold. It’s exciting to continue to connect and work with you all as we continue on this wonderful and crazy journey Jesus has called us to.