New email addresses for diocesan staff

New email addresses for diocesan staff

In November 2018, we launched our new logo and “family name,” Anglican Movement.  Now, we’ve taken the next step to align our family name by changing our email addresses.  All email addresses that previously ended in “” now end in “”

This change is effective immediately, though for a time, emails sent to both address types will still be delivered as per normal.  We recommend changing your email address contacts to the new format as soon as it’s convenient, so you’re not caught out when the old email addresses are phased out.  We’ll let you know when this happens.

To update your address book, just replace “” with “” – so for example, becomes, becomes

To help you get the right addresses, we’ll be releasing both a new diocesan contacts poster and our new website very soon, and these will have all the updated contact details on them.

If you have any questions, you can contact our Communications Advisor, Duncan Brown, on 04 471 8599 or