What’s Team Training Day like?

What’s Team Training Day like?

More and more people are finding out about the great topics on offer and the positive atmosphere at our Team Training Days.  At the last event, Alison Seifert and Kathryn Greenwood, the Bishop’s Warden in Charge and Treasurer (respectively) of the Parish of Ruapehu, made a weekend of it by travelling down on the bus, staying a night or two, and enjoying the train journey back.  They’ve given us permission to re-publish their update to their parish about their experience, so you can see what it’s like to come to a Training Day.

Each year the diocese holds two Team Training Days, one in the south of the diocese, and one in the north.

We attended the Team Training Day in May where there were about 30 workshops on offer.  Each person can attend three workshops during the day and it is always difficult to make a decision about which workshops to go to!  The morning session runs for one-and-a-half hours and the two afternoon sessions run for 50 minutes each.  The day was full of useful workshops across a spectrum of topics, from governance and leadership to prayer, ministry and social justice topics.

The day began with a short worship session in the school auditorium followed by a keynote speaker.  We reconvened at the end of the day for closing worship.

Tea and coffee are provided on arrival and in keeping with the diocesan climate change policy, we were encouraged to bring our re-usable cups, or purchase an Anglican Movement-branded cup to keep.  A yummy lunch was provided and we brought home some ideas for the Synod lunch!  There were vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options available.

Our treasurer, Kathryn, attended a very useful workshop that explains some of the financial changes the diocese is currently implementing.  The facilitators, Susanne Brantley and Glen Williams (the Diocesan Finance Team), explained the “big picture whānau consolidation,” the first year audit results and some Xero tricks and benefits.  They also explained the finance handbook and future Xero training that will be given.

She also attended “Growth 201” where Bishops Ellie and Justin along with Archdeacon Gendy Thomson discussed research on church growth, what is working, and what that means us in our context.

Alison attended an informative workshop on funerals led by Archdeacon Martin Robinson, Rev Alison Robinson, Rev Paul McIntosh and Rev Cath Growcott.  The basics of taking a funeral in an Anglican context were discussed and experiences shared of what has worked well and not so well.

Alison also attended a discussion between Bishop Eleanor and Rev Scottie Reeve about women’s leadership of and within the church.  In a time where different generations have responded in fresh ways to how men and women partner together in building the Kingdom of God, Bishop Eleanor and Rev Scottie reflected on and spoke about the challenges that they see for the church of the present and of the future.

Kathryn took the opportunity to attend the workshop titled “Our Ethics and Conduct.”  It is a requirement that all licenced lay and ordained minister and everyone who is engaging in people-facing ministries to attend a Code of Ethics workshop once every three years.  Rev Canon Sue Fordyce (the Deputy Chancellor) led the workshop about the codes of ethics and conduct that are in our canons.  She put some “flesh” on them by discussing how they work in common ministry situations.

The next diocesan Team Training Day is on the 7th of September in Palmerston North.  It is for all teams and their leaders, including Vestry members, wardens, children’s ministry volunteers, youth workers, those who serve the cups of tea, clergy, those in lay ministry… you’re all invited to Team Training Day.  There is something for everyone.