Prophecy coach to be guest presenter at Team Training Day

Team Training Day is coming up in Palmerston North on the 7th of September 2019.  We are blessed at this training day to have Chris Wanstall as our guest speaker.  Chris worships at Encounter Baptist Church in Chadstone, Melbourne. She leads the prophetic ministry within the church and has seen some amazing transformation in people’s lives through hearing and responding to God’s voice. Prophecy has been important in transforming her own walk with Jesus, both in her personal faith journey but also in a growing understanding about how prophecy can radically change mission to her local area.

Chris will be presenting throughout Team Training Day on the 7th of September, but will also be running an in-depth session on Accessible Prophecy, most likely on the 6th of September.  We’ll publish details of this as soon as they are confirmed.  Accessible Prophecy is a ministry that has grown out of a church in Philadelphia, and aims to make prophecy normal and available in everyday life.  Chris is an Accessible Prophecy Coach with Cascade Network.