AYM invites “youth-adjacent” to Sunday evening services

AYM invites “youth-adjacent” to Sunday evening services

AYM has been running its youth church initiative for four weeks now, and the response has been phenomenal.  But the word on the street is that those of us who perhaps might not fit into the “youth” category haven’t yet figured out what we’re missing out on.

AYM’s Guy Benton tells us about how Youth Church is progressing, and makes a case for it to be more of a…. Youth-adjacent Church!

AYM Youth Church is absolutely outrageous!

We have been averaging around 160 of us each week in the Cathedral. Every week is filled with high energy praise and worship, straight-to-the-point talks about who Jesus is, and an opportunity to respond to who Jesus is, and how we can have a relationship with Him.

We are getting so much amazing feedback about how our young people cannot wait to get there on a Sunday night, and are getting along to their home parish on a Sunday morning to participate in the life of the congregation and dig into a deep bible study.

But what we’re also hearing is that those us who are over 17 may feel like this service isn’t for us.

We want to put that myth to bed!!!

We would love for this to be a flourishing intergenerational community!  Whether you are a young adult, a parent/guardian, or a grandparent, come along! We have a number of people over the age of 65 worshipping with us each week, and they bring such vibrancy and richness.

So please, if you are passionate about young people, passionate about seeing God move, or passionate about seeing a fresh and high energy expression of worship, come along and let us lift up the name of Jesus together as we see young people in the Wellington region cry out to Jesus for more.

See you at 6pm on Sundays in the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.

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