Seasons for Growth programme offers safe way to explore change and loss

Seasons for Growth is an education programme which explores the effects of change, loss and grief. The programme recognises that change often hurts and can be confusing, frustrating or threatening. It also recognises the need for support in understanding and coping with the effects of change and loss.

The programme is run by Bridgett Parkin, and will be offered at St Christopher’s Church in Tawa starting in August.  It provides a safe, creative way to explore these issues, using the images of the seasons (autumn, winter, spring, summer) to work through the ideas and “tasks” covered by the programme.  It looks at how change and loss can affect us, gives you an opportunity to share your stories and explores feelings and how to manage strong feelings. Participants will discuss the idea of forgiveness and what it may mean to each of us, as well as the importance of memories and support networks.  Bridgett says: “the programme is not counselling, but it is therapeutic.”

The six weekly sessions of the programme begin on Sunday 18 August, from 2pm until 4.30pm, at The Emmaus Centre, St Christopher’s Church, 167 Main Road, Tawa.  Cost $25 for the Journal.  To register, please contact Bridgett on 934-1811 or email: