A month until we host Anglo-Catholic Hui

Rev Jean Malcolm from our St Peter’s on Willis whānau reminds us that it’s only a month to go until our diocese hosts the Second National Anglo-Catholic Hui.

“The Hui is not just for those who would put themselves at the ‘catholic’ end of the spectrum of church practice,” Jean says. “It is also for those who would like to learn more about that expression of church practice, and perhaps understand more deeply why some folks like the elements of sound, light, aroma, colour, symbol and ritual that are affectionately nicknamed ‘bells and smells’ – and the theological implications for living out the Gospel that these tangible elements of worship practice symbolise.”

Eighty or so people from around the country (and from outside New Zealand) have already registered, but registrations remain open and tickets are still available.  To find out more, go to movementonline.org.nz/anglocatholichui or go straight to the Eventbrite page to register.