Significant transitions and changes at the Anglican Centre

We are currently in a time of significant change and upheaval for the Anglican Centre.  We have farewelled Karen Stewart, our long standing Office Manager, and welcomed Ella Brown in the new role of Administration and Volunteer Team Leader.  Along with this, Rob Moonlight is taking partial retirement and handing over his significant Diocesan Property Manager responsibilities, and Rebecca Apperley the Bishops’ Executive Assistant will be on sabbatical leave for the months of August and September also.  Susanne Brantley, our Finance Manager, is finishing with us, and our Diocesan Manager, Nick Young, is transitioning into a season assisting with new property development initiatives.

In light of these big changes we expect that the people resources of the office will be more stretched than usual. We appreciate your support and grace to the team at this time of transition.

If you feel that you have some skills or a few hours a week that you would like to help us fill the gaps, please contact the Diocesan Manager, Nick Young, on or 04 472 1057.