The Money or The Bag? City Mission launches Brown Paper Bag Collection

For the 13th year running, the Wellington City Mission will today launch its iconic Brown Paper Bag Collection, where Wellingtonians will have received a brown paper bag and envelope in their Dominion Post, says Murray Edridge, the Wellington City Missioner.

“This is an exciting annual initiative that we’ve been running for 13 years, and is one of two major annual fundraisers. Through this collection, we aim to help our most vulnerable families and communities as we head into the winter months.

“The winter season presents various demands and challenges, which is why the support we receive through initiatives like the Brown Paper Bag Collection, is really important.

“The reality is, the rising cost of living means families and communities are struggling to put food on their table, pay rent and make ends meet. This intensifies over the winter months, and so the collection enables us to help relieve the burden for families and communities, through our Foodbank and our services.

“Our Brown Paper Bag Collection is one way for Wellingtonians to actively donate non-perishable food or money when they receive the brown paper bag and envelope in their Dominion Post or alternatively, you can fill any ordinary shopping bag with goods. This year we aim to collect over 2,000 filled bags and $60,000 in donations.

“We’re absolutely committed to making sure that we continue to empower families and communities to thrive, and our Brown Paper Bag Collection is a key pillar that underpins our ability to do what we do,” says Murray Edridge.

With the Foodbank also being particularly low at the moment, there is a lot riding on this year’s Brown Paper Bag Collection, says Susan Penetito, the Mission’s Foodbank and Volunteer Coordinator.

Wellington City Mayor Justin Lester is also encouraging people to donate.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and rally behind a really important collection, and to donate towards families and communities in need as we head into Wellington’s infamous winter.

“Council is committed to doing everything we can to improve housing and living conditions for those in Wellington, and in particular, reducing homelessness. This has also become a personal and passionate commitment of mine as Mayor.

“Campaigns like the Brown Paper Bag Collection remain to be paramount as we continue to collectively support families and communities in need this winter,” says Justin Lester.

Last year, The Mission provided over 3,200 food parcels from our Foodbank and over 23,000 meal servings in our Drop-in-Centre. Mission social workers supported 144 families, and their financial advisors assisted 182 people.

The Wellington City Mission’s Brown Paper Bag Collection begins on Thursday 27 June, with the iconic brown paper bag and an envelope being inserted into 40,000 DominionPost newspapers throughout the Wellington region. You can also simply fill any shopping bag with goods and drop them off to a Z Energy Station, a number of other drop off points on our website or a restaurant part of the Wellington Hospitality Group.

The collection runs until the end of July.