A New Start for Omar

A New Start for Omar

DSPR works with refugees on the ground in Lebanon, in partnership with Christian World Service (CWS). They started a programme for children who had dropped out of Lebanese and UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees) schools for Palestinian students.  Many of the students have missed critical years of schooling because of the conflict and often do not have enough French or English to follow lessons.

One of the students was Omar who had been thrown out of school for laziness and bad behaviour.  His father brought him to DSPR Lebanon and asked to enrol him in a vocational training programme.  The director told them that he would have to change his behaviour before he could join anything.  Under the guidance of the teachers in the drop out programme, he started to understand the lessons and learn how to think.  His behaviour improved and he asked to return to his old school.  The teachers could not believe his transformation.  He is now doing well and proudly shared his story with the whole school at graduation last year.

Photo: CWS/Trish Murray

This story comes from the Refugee Sunday 2019 resources, provided by Christian World Service (CWS).  CWS partners with the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR), which works on the ground with refugees in the Middle East.  

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