Refugee Sunday material available

Refugee Sunday material available

Christian World Service encourages churches to mark Refugee Sunday on 7 July, the day set aside in the Anglican calendar.

“Work for the Good of All” has been prepared around the lectionary readings and features stories from our partners, prayers, a children’s talk and other material.  Additional material including a PowerPoint is available here.

The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon are in need of urgent funds to keep their support programmes to Syrian refugees.  Please consider holding a special appeal as part of Operation Refugee so they can provide more emergency food, education programmes and medical care.  A leaflet is available or you can find out more about the challenge to live on refugee rations or walk in their shoes at Operation Refuge.

Providing hospitality to displaced people – welcoming the stranger, or people forced to flee persecution and violence are recurrent stories throughout the Scriptures.  Refugee Sunday is the day we pray for the 68.5 million displaced people in our world – please join us.

CWS acknowledges the support given by churches welcoming refugees in Aotearoa New Zealand.  A number of partners are assisting displaced people.  More information on the work we do together is available from Gillian Southey.

Photo: Qasim Yahia Ali, 75, walks along a rainy street in the old city of Mosul, Iraq. His house was destroyed during the 2017 Battle of Mosul, which led to the defeat of the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS. During control of the city by the Islamic State, he earned money by making clandestine liquor. In the wake of the war, he has moved back into the old city and lives in the ruins.