Bishops’ Diaries for June 2019

Please uphold the ministries of Bishop Justin and Bishop Eleanor in your daily prayers.  Bishop Justin has Monday as his Sabbath day; Bishop Eleanor on Fridays.

Along with the day to day meetings in the Bishops’ Office, the Bishops will attend the following events in June:

Thursday 20 June

Retreat Day (+Eleanor)

Friday 21 June-Saturday 22 June

Retreat Day (+Justin)

Sunday 23 June

Wadestown (+Eleanor)

Blueprint (+Eleanor)

Christ Church Whanganui (+Justin)

Tuesday 25 June

Senior Leadership Team meeting

Wellington Cluster meeting (+Eleanor)

Orientation Cluster meeting (+Justin)

Wednesday 26 June

St Matthew’s Collegiate school visit (+Justin)

Victoria University Chaplaincy (+Eleanor)

Thursday 27 June

Youth Leadership Cluster (+Justin)

Northern Cluster (+Justin)

Samuel Marsden Karori school visit (+Eleanor)

Anglican Chaplaincy Committee meeting (+Eleanor)

Friday 28 June-Sunday 30 June

Vocational Diaconate Discernment Weekend