Diocesan Council Summary for June 2019

The June Diocesan Council meeting began with sharing where we each sensed God speaking to us at the mid-way point of the year.  Many common threads were shared as we weaved together stories of God’s encouragement in our mission units and what we see going on around the wider Diocese.  As well as the nuts and bolts of ensuring the smooth running of the Diocese’s culture and governance, there were three main highlights flowing out from the meeting:

  • Diocesan Team Training Day – this was again very well attended by many mission units.  The overall message was that the selection of workshops was the best yet in terms of diversity of choice and quality of speakers, most in house as well !  Council wish to thank Archdeacon Gendy and her team for a wonderful event.  To be back again in one of our Anglican schools was also special.
  • Zero Carbon Act – Council support the work by Kate Day and her team who, with not much warning with the timing of the Bill before Parliament, have mobilised up to 40 mission units to engage with making submission on Trinity Sunday this year.  Many Sunday services hosted young people helping Kate and her team.  The sense of family on mission is palpable in this shared mission.
  • Synod Coming Up in September – excitement builds as Synod is coming closer, the dates for Regional Meetings are now out and there will be elections this year for various bodies – we encourage everyone to prayerfully discern how you could serve in the wider Diocesan family, so keep an eye out for these opportunities to serve the wider Church.